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The Invisible One.

The Invisible One.

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Pierce The Veil- Hell Above 

Mitch Lucker’s pterodactyl headbangs.RIP Mitch
 Tonight Alive 

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Bring Me The Horizon by Radiosuicide on Flickr.

Of Mice & Men

Pierce The Veil

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I met my favorite YouTuber Jason on July 25th. He is one of the main reasons I came to warped this year. I even went with a fractured arm lol. I saw his hair above a small crowd in front of me and knew it was him and I headed to the Stay Happy Stay Weird tent. Once I saw him I kept saying oh my god and he waved and smiled. When I walked up to him I told him how his videos make me happy and that I love him. I made a bracelet for him and tied it on (: it was the best day of my life!

Of Mice & Men

Oliver Sykes from Bring Me the Horizon, on VOLT festival (Hungary). 2014